Getting Ready to Yo-Yo
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Non-Spinning Tricks -
Double Looped String

The Power Throw

the throw

Hold the yo-yo correctly in your hand and curl your arm up like making a muscle with your hand next to your ear.

the arc

Bring your elbow down with a snap as you release the yo-yo out over the ends of your fingers.

the returnthe catch

The yo-yo should arc out and down. As soon as the yo-yo reaches the bottom of the string, turn your hand over and the yo-yo will climb the string and return to your hand.

The Forward Pass

the throw

Start with your arm straight, angled behind you about waist-high with the back of your hand facing forward.

the extention

Keeping your elbow straight, release the yo-yo while gently swinging your arm forward to waist-high in front of you.

the catch

The yo-yo should go down, out, and return easily to your extended hand.

Loop the Loop

the extention

Start the loop with a forward pass.

the loop

As it returns, instead of catching it, roll your hand in a backwards circle with your wrist and the yo-yo will go out in another forward pass.

the catch

See how many continuous loops you can do.

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