Getting Ready to Yo-Yo
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Spinning Tricks -
Single Looped String (pt 3)

Flying Saucer

the spinner

This is a flashy adjustment trick. Throw a spinner at a 45 degree angle diagonally across your body.

the twist

While the yo-yo is on its side, catch the string above the yo-yo with the other hand, lift to yo-yo to a level above the yo-yo hand, and release.

the return

The yo-yo will wind back to your hand.

Note: Throw the yo-yo to the left to loosen and the right to tighten the string.

Break Away

the starting position

Make a muscle with the yo-yo on your shoulder. Throw a spinner out to that side.

the swing

Swing the yo-yo so that it rotates in front of you from shoulder to shoulder.

the return

When it reaches your other shoulder, give the yo-yo a quick tug and bring it back to your hand.

Man on the Trapeze

the starting position

Hold the opposite hand waist-high with the index finger pointed forward. Make a muscle with the yo-yo on your shoulder.

the swing

Throw a spinner to that side and swing the yo-yo across your body and over your extended finger so that the yo-yo hits the string about 1-2 yo-yo lengths from your finger.

the trapeze

To return the yo-yo to your hand, pull the extended finger out of the string.

Thumb Wind

holding the yo-yo

Use your free hand to hold the unwound yo-yo with the thumb in the string groove with the string bent around the end of your thumb. The yo-yo hand should be held above and slightly behind the yo-yo.

winding it up

By pulling upwards with the string at the same time as letting the yo-yo roll off the end of your thumb, enough spin is generated to start the yo-yo up the string. Once started, you can "yo-yo" it up and down until it reaches your hand.

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